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The Original EDI Research Device

"The EDI combines all your essential equipment into one device!"


The EDI contains an ambient temperature sensor with a real-time LED display.


On both sides of the sensor are two LED lights that alert you when a significant change in temperature happens in a short period of time that can be indicative of a paranormal event.


Electromagnetic Field Sensor:

Included in the EDI is a sensitive ultra-low EMF detector. Programmed specially to detect any changes in the electromagnetic field around the device.


Two LEDs near the sensor change intensity based on the fluctuations picked up.


A speaker will also alarm if there is a sharp change in EMF. The speaker can also be toggled on/off by a switch on the device.


The EDI contains an accurate 3-axis geophone. Built with an accelerometer, the EDI is programmed to pick up the slightest movements or vibrations on the surface it is sitting on but not much more.


A touch on the table/surface the device sits on and the EDI will let you know by lighting up a series of LEDs placed along the bottom. Like a graph the device will light up the amount of LEDs based on the intensity of the vibration or movement.


This can also be toggled on/off by a switch on the device if the device is being used in a hand-held fashion.


Your EDI research device comes in a choice of five different silicone case covers: Navy, Green, Orange, Dark Gray, & Light Gray.

All for only $99

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We designed the EDI  with an ambient temperature sensor. We chose ambient temperature for one main reason. Infrared (IR) is a very accurate and fast way to get a reading of a surface, but only a surface. Many times we feel cold spots during an investigation and it is in a very specific area in the room. Generally the walls and floor around the cold spot are not affected. The IR temperature gun, when pointed at the cold spot, will not pick up the actual cold in the air but the floor or wall behind it. Having an ambient temperature probe (shown above) allows you to move the device to the area that has cooled and be able to measure the change.


The temperature is displayed by an LCD on the top of theEDI. Next to the sensor probe are two LEDs. Their purpose is to alarm you by lighting up and blinking if there has been a sharp change in temperature. If the temperature registered on the EDI varies .5+/- degrees within 3 seconds this will trigger the alarm. Though we know a literal temperature variation of .5 degrees is not that indicative of something paranormal, the delay the sensor probe has to catch up to the ambient air temperature means that a registered .5 degree change within three seconds is caused by the air around the probe changing significantly more. The probe will register the correct temperature in a matter of a few more seconds. This allows us to immediately alert you of a significant temperature change before the device actually registers it.

Ultra-Low Frequency Smart EMF:

Electro-magnetic field detectors (EMF) are arguably the most popular ghost hunting tool and that is why we did not take this part of our EDI lightly. This digital EMF sensor is programed to pick up frequencies from below the 30 Hz to above the 30 kHz range.


We also have programming that analyzes the electro-magnetic data several times a second looking for change. This allows us to cut out any small EM noise around the device making the sensor to be extremely sensitive to change. This change in the EMF field around the device is registered with a visual response on two leds that change intensity when in contact with an electro-magnetic event. Along side this there is an audible alarm. The speaker can be toggled on and off based on preference.

Geophone / Vibration detector:

Accelerometer driven vibration detection. Measures movements upone 3-axis allowing it to be more effective than traditional geophones. The five LEDs on the bottom light up based on the intensity of the vibration or movement detected. (.024 G's to .122 G's)


Though the accelerometer drive geophone allows the device to be more accurate and effective, this does not mean that it is too sensitive. It is programmed in such a way that you can detect movements on the surface the device sits on but it will not pick up other vibrations around the room.


There is also a switch to toggle the geophone on/off if you would not like it to be responding to movements while in your hand.

Technical Specs & in-depth

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