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EDI+ emf detector for ghost hunting

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emf meter

EMF Detection

The EDI+ contains an ultra-low EMF detector. EMF readings are displayed on a LED graph in the middle of the device and can also display exact milligauss values on the LCD screen.

ghost hunting geophone


Equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer, the EDI+ can be used to pick up on any movements or vibrations around the device.

ghost hunting thermometer
EDI meter sensor
EDI+ sensor icon

Environmental Sensors

Ambient temperature (°C/°F), humidity, & barometric pressure are all monitored by the EDI+. Each sensor's values can also be displayed on the LCD screen.

Data Logging

A SD card can be used to record all of the EDI+ sensors allowing important data to be analyzed and stored.

Raw Data

All data recorded by the EDI+ is saved in .CSV format allowing you to extrapolate and use the information however you want.

Free Graphing Software

Designed specifically for the EDI+, the "EDI-Graph" program can help you visualize the data recorded.

Built in Texas

edi plus electromagnetic field detector ghost hunting quality

The EDI+ was designed by brothers Michael & Zachary Lyons. Though some components are imported, all CenTex Paranormal products are assembled and shipped from Central Texas (CenTex), USA. 

Technical Specs:


-Low frequency down to 10 hz

-Accurate milligauss readings from 0-12mg

-Single Axis

-Indicator lights start dim response at approximately 1 milligauss and light sequentially at various strengths up to 12mg

-Speaker responds at approximately 3 milligauss

Vibration Sensor

-3 axis accelerometer with  high pass filtered output to measure changes in acceleration in the +- 2g range

-Five indicator LEDs will set off in increasing intensity between 0.0244G - 0.122G


-Accurate to +-1 C from 0-65 C with 0.1 C resolution

-Alarms LEDs sensitive to +-0.1 F change in < 0.5 seconds

Data Logging & EDI-Graph App

All sensor data can be recorded to an SD card. Once per second the min/max values of each sensor is calculated and saved to a log file on the SD card

-Data is logged in .CSV format

-Application Requirements: PC with Windows


-Accurate to +- 3 %RH in 20 - 80 %RH range with 0.1%RH resolution

Alarm LEDs sensitive to +- 3%RH change in < 0.5 seconds


Accurate to +- 1.0hPa in 300 - 1000 hPa range with 0.1 hPa resolution

-Alarm LEDs sensitive to +- 0.15 hPa change in < 0.5 seconds



Micahel Lyons, Co-Owner of CenTex Paranormal and electrical engineer, inspecting EDI+ units as they are being manufactured in Houston.



We are so confident in our products that we cover every device made by CenTex Paranormal for as long as you own it!

If something should go wrong while you own our product, we will return, replace, or repair your device in a timely manner!

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edi+ ghost hunting emf detector
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